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What we do

A unique & innovative facility serving the garment district.


Services to service your apparel mishaps

TAG provides a full line of services to help retailers and manufacturers when something goes wrong. From inspections and repairs to retags and more.

Screen Printing

The Apparel Group is your “One Stop Shop” for all of your company’s Screen Printing needs. From design inception through preparation for distribution through to delivery at the retail level, The Apparel Group can do it all for you!

Quality Inspections

The Apparel Group understands how crucial the quality of your product is. As the competition increases, the quality of your product must keep up. Any problems that occur during the manufacturing or shipping processes could result in rejection of your merchandise; that’s where we come in.

Store Ready

Preparing garments for the retail floor is no easy task. The Apparel Group has a great deal of experience getting garments store ready for everyone from major retailers to discount, and specialty stores. We provide every service to deliver a store ready product, while always following vendor guidelines.

Sewing, Repairs, & Label Changing

 Due to our decades in the business, there’s no problem our team can’t solve! The Apparel Group’s extensive experience in repairing garments has enabled us to make the repairs you require with ease so that we can quickly handle any crisis you encounter.

Pick & Pack

We specialize in full service pick and pack, bulk distribution, catalog distribution, and more. Our facilities are fully equipped to service the needs of manufacturers, retailers and distributors. Your distribution needs are met on a timely basis, with our goal being your complete satisfaction.

Pressing & Steaming

We are able to handle large volume pressing, steaming and hand ironing of your inventory, as well as being available to press, steam and iron small batches for showroom presentation or distribution to sales reps or buyers.

Garment Washing

The Apparel Group’s expansive facility has large scale laundering capabilities which can serve the most demanding needs for garment washing.  With the garment industry’s increased and ever changing desire for innovative new types of finishes and fabric washes, The Apparel Group is at the ready for your company’s garment washing needs. 

TAG Has You Covered

At Tag we take special care to meet your needs. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to us! 


We help you along the way

Our large New York area facility is conveniently located to provide fast, service and we have the resources to get the job done the right way for you.


Experience Matters

The Apparel Group provides extensive services and solutions to the fashion and apparel industry. We specialize in problem solving for apparel, footwear, and sundry items. We believe we are “the king” of problem solving.

Since our foundation in 1982, The Apparel Group has delivered for many of the industry’s top names. With our staff’s years of varied experience and expertise, we almost always come up with a solution to your problem and strive to complete it in the most efficient and least costly manner. Our facility, located right outside of Manhattan, offers a full range of services making us the preferred vendor for the garment district.