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About Us

Overview of The Apparel Group

The Apparel Group provides extensive services and solutions to the fashion and apparel industry. We specialize in problem solving for the apparel industry as well as for manufacturers and distributors of footwear and sundry items. We believe we are “the king” of problem solving.

Since our inception in 1982, The Apparel Group has delivered expert services for many of the industry’s top names. With our staff’s years of varied experience and expertise, we always come up with a solution to your problem and strive to complete it in the most efficient and least costly manner. Our facility, located right outside of Manhattan, offers a full range of services making us the preferred vendor for the garment district.

Our History

In 1974, 24-year-old Vincent Musarra bought out his father to become the owner of their family dry-cleaning business. As time went on and Vincent’s reputation grew, individuals and companies began coming to him requesting larger scale pressing and steaming jobs.

The company’s entrée into the garment industry began with a 500 piece silk blouse order from a manufacturer who was using unsophisticated overseas factories that were unable to ship hanging goods; the blouses were received in cartons and needed to be steamed. Vincent, eager to take on a challenge, got some workers together, started steaming, and worked all through the night. The manufacturer, very pleased with the quality of work and fast turnaround time, gave Vincent another job. The business began to grow exponentially and the company that is today The Apparel Group was born. In the ’80s Vincent began working with one of the few mail order companies at that time, handling all returns for pressing, steaming, repackaging, etc. An entrepreneur from the start, this was only the beginning of what was to become The Apparel Group.

Through the years, the company would need progressively larger spaces to accommodate the volume of work. By 1993 the small town dry cleaning shop was no longer big enough and The Apparel Group opened in a 40,000 square foot facility in Passaic, New Jersey. Within about two years the amount of business coming in exceeded the amount of space yet again, and another 25,000 square feet was added next door.  By 1997 The Apparel Group prepared for another big move, purchasing a 122,000 square foot building in Haledon, New Jersey and developing the perfect flow throughout that is in use today. From one tiny dry cleaner, The Apparel Group has grown into a top problem-solving facility for the fashion and apparel industry. It offers an extensive range of services and always an unparalleled commitment to fixing your merchandise.