A unique & innovative facility serving the garment district.

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For the past 15 years The Apparel Group started working with major retailers in recycling hangers. This led into opening a subsidiary, The Hanger Clinic located off-site in Garfield, New Jersey. The Hanger Clinic receives hangers from retailers taken off the garments at store level. They are arranged to pick up from distribution centers by trailers, and brought back to the 89,000 square foot facility. The building is set up for 50 sorters/inspectors who manually inspect and separate styles and build cartons. These cartons go down a conveyer to a quality control department, they’re then taped, barcoded, and scanned. The Hanger Clinic holds large inventory warehousing and distribution to manufacturers and retailers.



Over the years of working with major t-shirt companies, The Apparel Group has also come into partnership with TeeFX Screen Printing. TeeFX offers state-of-the-art screen-printing. They imprint graphics on a wide array of apparel and accessories including t-shirts, polos, hoodies and more. The Apparel Group handles all ticketing, folding, hanging, packing, and distribution to major retailers. Visit the TeeFX website for more information http://www.imprintablefashion.com/