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Pick & Pack
Warehousing/Distribution + Returns

We specialize in full-service warehouse picking and packing, bulk distribution, catalog distribution, and returns. Our New Jersey facilities are fully equipped to service the needs of manufacturers, retailers, and distributors. Your distribution needs are met on a timely basis thanks to our ultramodern technology backed by decades of experience. Our goal is always your complete satisfaction that’s why we’ve positioned our facility in the New York area, guaranteeing our staff top-of-the-line resources to get the job done the right way for you, mitigating the risk of errors. Let us make your job more manageable by not being worried about the nuances of picking and packing. Run your business with confidence that your product orders are being managed quickly.

We will receive your goods by container to our New Jersey facility, off load, inventory, provide pick & pack services, and ship to your needs. Whether your goods come by carton or by hanger, we have the ability to handle your inventory in the most cost-efficient manner. At The Apparel Group, our commitment is to provide you with the “One Stop Shop” experience. We can process your goods from arrival at our facility through each necessary step and on to the final destination of the retailer or individual customer. We pride ourselves not only on providing your warehouse picking and packing needs but on becoming the top problem-solving facility for the fashion and apparel industry.

We’ve designated space in our 122,000 square foot warehouse for a state-of-the-art packaging area, allowing us to pack your merchandise in the quickest, most efficient means. Along with our automatic tape machines we have a special rail system that feeds directly into the packaging room. We also have the ability to pick and pack for retail distribution centers. Combined with the power of our facility’s technology is our staff’s years of diversified experience in the industry bringing you the masters of apparel problem-solving.


Our distribution capabilities include, but are not limited to, warehouse picking and packing orders, pulling merchandise, and shipment to stores. If no “special services” are needed, but you are looking for an order fulfillment for your goods or an expert at distribution, we have both the room and the expertise. We can inventory goods using existing barcodes or create barcodes or carton labels for you. So no matter what stage you’re at in your business, we are the preferred vendor specializing in a problem-solving approach to apparel mishaps and even emergency jobs.


Our staff is familiar with how a store return arrives, usually in total disarray, and thrown into a carton. We have experience sifting through the chaos and getting you back the information you require. We have handled returns from retailers receiving goods upwards of 1,300 locations equaling over two million units.  We will:

  • Receive merchandise
  • Scan and create inventory for customer info: style, color, size
  • Set up to re-pack/pick and ship

Our attentiveness ensures that we meet your standards and unique requirements, keeping you in charge of the experience. Efficiency is our top priority; after one day’s production for your company, our team will collaborate with a member of your staff to critique the merchandise. Setting expectations for what you declare acceptable – or not – are the parameters by which we will handle your pick & pack services and beyond. We will tailor an inspection to meet any parameters you set, as well as offer quality repairs if you should need them. As your partner, we ensure your customers receive their orders swiftly and accurately. Our teams collective experience in the garment industry combined with our implementation of the most advanced technology means operational excellence for you! Look no further if you want a team with an unparalleled commitment to fixing your merchandise.