Garment washing and Dry Cleaning

The Apparel Group’s expansive facility has large scale laundering capabilities which can serve the most demanding needs for garment washing.  With the garment industry’s increased and ever changing desire for innovative new types of finishes and fabric washes, The Apparel Group is at the ready for your company’s garment washing needs. 

Types of garment washing we are knowledgeable in include enzyme and acid washes, stone washing, desizing, bleaching, and a myriad of other types of garment washing that increase softness or otherwise change the hand, or alter the texture or color saturation of your garment’s fabric.

Have an idea about a new wash or finish you want to try? We’ll do it! Here at The Apparel Group we’re here to help you innovate new garment washing techniques that will help you push the boundaries of style and help your company stay on the cutting edge of the fashion industry.  Our company’s deep rooted foundation that began in the family dry cleaning business has transformed over the years into The Apparel Group’s visionary concept to provide A to Z services to the garment industry, keeping pace with the ever-changing market and needs of our customers.  It’s The Apparel Group’s job to help you grow and it’s our desire to grow with you!

The Apparel Group provides a second category of garment washing your company may need, which is the result of goods being damaged during manufacture, transit or storage.  We understand that at times your garments may arrive from the point of manufacture having been exposed to water, dampness, or other occurrences that may alter the fabric’s smell or appearance.  We are versed in dealing with complex issues such as removing mold, mildew and odors related to water damage, as well as repair fire damage odors. One of our specialties is mildew removal. Using a specialized chemical bath, we have removed mildew successfully from millions of garments. We are also capable of removing mildew from products that cannot be washed such as suede, leather, shoes, boots, etc.

Some types of fabrics cannot be water washed and may require dry cleaning to mitigate this type of damage.  Once again going back to our family background in dry cleaning, we understand working with delicate fabrics, and the types of processes needed to clean and finish them.  We have at our disposal resources for high volume dry cleaning as well as washing, and can handle your job, large or small.  At Apparel we understand how important your bottom line is, and how important it is to restore damaged garments to saleable condition with a minimum of loss!

Garment Washing and Dry Cleaning Services:

  • Enzyme and Acid Wash
  • Stone washing
  • Desizing and washing to improve hand
  • Bleaching
  • Garment washing to mitigate water or fire damage
  • Dry cleaning to mitigate damage to delicate materials
  • You name it and we’ll figure out how to get it done!