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Garment washing and Dry Cleaning

Our company’s deep-rooted foundation began in the family dry cleaning business and has transformed over the years into The Apparel Group’s visionary concept. We provide A to Z services for business owners in the garment industry, keeping pace with the ever-changing apparel washing needs of our customers.  We believe it is our job to help you grow!

The Apparel Group provides a second category of garment washing your company may need, the laundering and restoration of damaged garments due to manufacturing, transit, or storage destruction. We understand that at times your garments may arrive having been exposed to water, dampness, or other occurrences that may alter the fabric’s smell or appearance. Positioned in New Jersey, neighboring the fashion capital of the world, we have become the experts in complex garment washing services. Intricate matters such as removing mold, mildew, and odors related to water damage, as well as fire damage, pose no trouble for our team.

In fact, we have removed mildew successfully from millions of garments! Using a specialized chemical bath, we regularly remove mildew from products that cannot be washed such as suede, leather, shoes, and boots partnering your apparel business with an expert in A – Z garment wash techniques.

Thanks to our extensive background, we know that certain fabrics cannot be water-washed and may require dry cleaning to alleviate the damage. We understand delicate fabrics and the specific processes required to clean and finish them.  Our specialty is problem-solving for the apparel, footwear, and sundry industry, so we make high volume dry cleaning a widely available resource for apparel mishaps. Whether a job is modest in volume or the culmination of tons of garments from international shipping containers, we can and want to handle the job.

At Apparel Group, we understand how important your bottom line is – time is money. We’ve taken decades of experience combined with the best tools in the industry and mastered providing the most efficient and affordable garment washing services in the business. Fundamentally, the restoration of damaged garments into saleable products with minimal loss is your goal, so we’ve made it our mission to come up with a solution to any problem!

Our New Jersey-based team are experts in a variety of garment washing services:

  • Enzyme and Acid Wash
  • Stone washing
  • Desizing and washing to improve hand
  • Bleaching
  • Garment washing to mitigate water or fire damage
  • Dry cleaning to mitigate damage to delicate materials
  • You name it and we’ll figure out how to get it done!