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Screen Printing and Embroidery

The Apparel Group provides unparalleled quality inspection services throughout the New Jersey area. The quality of your product must meet consumer demands or risk the potential loss of profitability and even the damaging of your reputation. Our team understands quality is number one. As the competition isn’t slowing down, the creativity and efficiency of the production must keep up.

As the “kings” of problem-solving, and leaders in the garment industry, we know better than anyone that inspection and quality control is a must-have. We adhere to strict guidelines and client-specific quality processes ensuring consistently fast turnaround and your satisfaction. Any problems that occur during the manufacturing or shipping processes could result in rejection of your merchandise; that’s where we come in. The Apparel Group performs quality inspection services and will identify any minor, major, or critical defects. Our QC department is trained to perform thorough defect inspections for any flaws or irregularities, utilizing the guidelines specified by your AQL Chart. We will identify any manufacturing errors outside an acceptable range. If quality issues are identified, we will then provide any special services needed, ranging from repairs and relabeling, washing and pressing, to packing or distribution of your goods; we are your partner in rectifying any apparel mishaps.

We carefully inspect all garments to your specification for defects including:

  • Fabric flaws
  • Stains
  • Spots
  • Missed stitches
  • Open seams
  • Missing or inaccurate labeling
  • Spec problems
  • Crocking
  • Any other problems that may arise

It’s our goal to implement our proven solutions and cutting-edge processes to help you avoid negative customer reviews, production delays, and of course, loss of profit. We keep you in charge by having you establish specific standards and guidelines that our team will implement. Plus, our dedicated team provides one day’s production followed by an immediate meeting with you to review the merchandise to ensure your quality has been met. We will tailor our inspection and quality control services to meet any parameters you set, as well as offer quality repairs if you should need them. Our “One Stop Shop” means we provide a complete suite of services that mitigate your losses, ensure high-quality merchandise, and alleviate the stress of production from your company.