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Pressing, Steaming & Hand Ironing

When garments are not visually up to your standards, The Apparel Group’s New Jersey facility leads the industry with our professional pressing, steaming and hand ironing services. Our dedicated department is prepared to handle any job, whether small batch services for showroom presentations or large volume orders for distribution to sales reps or buyers.

We understand the importance of warehouse organization, so we keep procedures in place that ensure a crisp presentation of your garments every time. Poor presentation risks your apparel’s desirability and salability in the marketplace. As the “kings” of problem-solving, we know what mishaps can jeopardize the quality of your products, so our garment pressing services extend far beyond the iron. We stay in communication with our clients to provide fast service, supply updates on the order status, and to help them grow. That’s why we always have the resources to get the job done the right way for you.

Our facility is equipped with:

  • Hoffman Presses
  • Steam Forms (Suzies)
  • Hand irons
  • Steam tunnels

Our specialized equipment enables us to deliver a perfect garment whether it is anything from a simple t-shirt, to a leather or suede jacket, and everything in between.  Our team is comprised of experienced and detail-oriented operators with a variety of backgrounds and specializations in the garment industry. Put us together and we have become New Jersey’s leading vendor for pressing and steaming services for the garment district’s top brands and beyond. Our commitment to ensuring the best presentation possible for your garments knows no bounds. So whether you have an emergency job or are preparing to handle thousands of pieces, we can provide you with a specialized approach for your exact needs. We want our comprehensive pressing and steaming solutions to be your source of affordable, and on-time services for your apparel needs.