Pressing, Steaming & Hand Ironing

When garments are not visually up to standard The Apparel Group’s professional steaming, pressing, and hand ironing division is prepared to handle any job you require.  We understand the importance of a crisp presentation of your garments and how a poor presentation can affect desirability and salability.  We are able to handle large volume pressing, steaming and hand ironing of your inventory, as well as being available to press, steam and iron small batches for showroom presentation or distribution to sales reps or buyers.

Our facility is equipped with:

  • Hoffman Presses
  • Steam Forms (Suzies)
  • Hand irons
  • Steam tunnels

Our specialized equipment enables us to deliver a perfect garment whether it is anything from a simple t-shirt, to a leather or suede jacket, and everything in between.  Our experienced and detail oriented operators are committed to ensuring the best presentation possible for your garments.