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Quality Inspections


The Apparel Group understands how crucial the quality of your product is. As the competition increases, the quality of your product must keep up. Any problems that occur during the manufacturing or shipping processes could result in rejection of your merchandise; that's where we come in. The Apparel Group performs quality inspections and will identify any minor, major, or critical defects. We will then provide any special services needed, ranging from repairs, to packing or distribution of your goods, and anything in between.

We carefully inspect all garments to your specification for defects including:

  • fabric flaws
  • stains
  • spots
  • missed stiches
  • open seams
  • spec problems
  • crocking
  • any other problems that may arise

Our attentiveness to ensure that we meet your standards and needs puts you in charge. Our proficient team provides one day's production followed by a member off your staff to critique the merchandise to let us know what you find acceptable. We will tailor an inspection to meet any parameters you set, as well as offer quality repairs if you should need them.