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Store Ready

Preparing garments for the retail floor is no easy task. The Apparel Group has a great deal of experience getting products store ready for everyone from major retailers to discount, and specialty stores. Depending on the garment mishaps you may be dealing with, there could be a variety of services required to achieve that store ready status for your merchandise. Afterall, Poor presentation risks your apparel’s value and salability in the marketplace. As garment industry leaders and your “One Stop Shop”, we will efficiently solve your apparel’s damage while always following vendor guidelines.

Store ready services include:

  • steaming/pressing
  • hanging
  • folding
  • bagging
  • UPC ticketing
  • any other service required

We can prepare floor-ready displays, built to wholesale retailers’ specs – on skids ready to go directly to the floor from our New Jersey facility. Keep costs low by leveraging our speedy production procedures that will have your items ready for sale in no time. Our talented staff has decades of garment industry experience and can make professional recommendations on your store’s display. For multi-rail clothing racks and spinning merchandising racks, it’s more critical than ever to have the garments steamed and hung properly. Whereas we can provide folding or bagging for shelf displays. Floor ready services include a variety of pre-production specialties. At The Apparel Group, our New Jersey warehouse has 122,000 square feet of space ready to accomplish every single one for you. Take the pressure off of your company knowing your garments are handled according to US laws, vendor guidelines, and with the care of a fellow garment industry expert. We understand that mistakes happen during shipping and we can anticipate them so you can focus on the growth of your company. Don’t let improper UPC ticketing or a wrinkled mess stop you from selling your merchandise, let the “kings” of problem-solving at The Apparel Group handle it for you.